Read Empowered Adoption today and be on your way to making the best possible adoption decisions that have been proven to increase chances of success. Prospective adoptive parents are encouraged to read Empowered Adoption by many of those in the adoption field. This book is already receiving accolades from those in the adoption community:

“Empowered Adoption” is definitely going on our recommended reading list for all prospective infant adoptive parents. The book deals with real emotions and gives prospective adoptive parents hands-on information to help them prepare for and to navigate the world of adoption. It’s truly a useful and insightful guide,” says Melissa J. Dodson, MSW, the Program Director Infant & International Adoptions, Kinship Center, Santa Ana, California.

“The quintessential guide to navigating the often harrowing, sometimes overwhelming, and always rewarding, journey of adoption. Every adoptive parent should read this before embarking on their voyage as it brings insights that are very hard to find,” says Pamela Schein Murphy, Adoptive Parent.

“Empowered Adoption is an excellent guide on positive adoption planning for prospective adoptive parents, a ‘must read’. It is a thorough guide to adoption focusing on breaking down the process so that it feels informative, manageable and positive for adoptive parents to navigate,” says Dru Martin Groves, Director, A Center for Adoption Services, Bainbridge Island, WA.

“As an experienced parent and professional, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this book, not only with respect to the process of adoption, but to the life-long relationship between adoptive parent and child.” – Elizabeth Pflaum, four-time successful adoptive parent and certified parent coach.

“This how to adopt information guide is an absolute must to read and have. Having adopted through Susan and Aimee, I can attest that what is in the book is what they actually have told me and how they helped me through our process.  They practice what they preach. It is easy to read and I can actually picture myself having several of these conversations with them.  I highly recommend this book to anyone considering adoption.” – Patty

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