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1. Table of Contents

2. Chapter 1:Decision #1: Is Adoption Right for You?
You have decided to explore adoption as a method of building your family. It is likely, at this point, that is all you have decided. The first and most important decision to make is whether or not adoption is right for you.
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3. Chapter 2: Decision #2 What Type of Adoption Works Best for You?
Truth #3: There is a big black hole of unanswered questions in every adoption.
Parents adopting domestically may not receive any/all/accurate information about the birthfather. They have the prenatal anxiety of wondering if the birthmother will change her mind.
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4. Chapter 4: Birthmothers and Making an Adoption Plan
Who are they?
Birthmothers come from all walks of life. Their ages range from 14 to 45. Some are college graduates and others are high school drop outs. They are single and married, with and without children.
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5. Conclusion: The road to adoption can be one of challenges and frustrations, but also one of immeasurable reward and happiness. Keep your eye on the end result and you will be successful.
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