Empowered Adoption

“This how-to-adopt information guide is an absolute must to read and have. Having adopted through Susan and Aimee, I can attest that what is in the book is what they actually have told me and how they helped me through our process. They practice what they preach. It is easy to read and I can actually picture myself having several of these conversations with them. I highly recommend this book to anyone considering adoption.” ~ Patty Schumacher, Adoptive Parent

Empowered Adoption ~ by Susan Romig, Aimee Thibodeaux, and Debra Vinson

For Adoptive Parents: If you are interested in adopting but feeling overwhelmed and confused by the mountain of information you are finding, Empowered Adoption is the very best place to start. In addition to giving you the basics, this guide will help you make the best decisions and avoid the pitfalls that so many adoptive parents find and often, unknowingly, create.

Adoption can be a confusing process whether you are the adoptive parents or the birth parents. Empowered Adoption teaches you how to make good decisions, determine the right adoptive process for you and your family, and to navigate through the pool of adoption professionals. Empower yourself with this quick read, packed full of relevant, inside adoption professional information.

For Adoption Professionals: If you have ever been frustrated by Adoptive Parents who unintentionally sabotage their own adoption plan, Empowered Adoption is the book you want them to read. In addition to gaining insight on the adoption world, they will discover the best ways to work with their birth parents and their professionals, making their adoption plan smoother and more likely to succeed.

DON’T RISK FAILING at the adoption process. Empowered Adoption will help you be successful. Empowered Adoption is a guide written by adoption professionals with years of experience and a passion for helping others succeed in the adoption process.

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